Rescue Gear


The Skylotec MILAN 2.0 POWER is a special version of the MILAN 2.0 HUB, that additionally can be powered electrically. 

• Cordless thanks to lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
• Max. rappelling weight 250 kg
• Distances to 60 m at 100 kg with 1 battery charge
• Changing batteries on the hanging rope is easily possible
• If there is a device fault or low battery charge, emergency operation is ensured through the hand wheel.

Note: The MILAN 2.0 POWER may only be used with the devices that are also provided by SKYLOTEC! The modified, rechargeable battery device, specially developed for MILAN 2.0 Power can be easily and quickly adapted and enables faster rappelling up of an accident victim over longer distances or rappelling yourself up.

Product Description

  • Part. no.: A-029
  • EAN: 4030281155867
  • Standard: EN 1496:2007, EN 341:2011
  • Internat. standard: ANSI Z359.4:2007
  • Internat. cert. body: TÜV PRODUCT SERVICE GMBH
  • Abseiling speed: 0,9 m/s
  • Abseiling height: 500 m
  • E-class number: 40-02-01-06
  • Max. number of persons: 2
  • Temperature from: -35 °C
  • Temperature up to: 60 °C
  • Suspension element: Super Static 9mm
  • Customs no.: 84251900
  • Carabiner on rope: KOBRA TW
  • Carabiner on anchoring point side: KOBRA TW

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