Height safety system design, installation and certification


Aluminium roof catwalk

Skypro provide comprehensive height safety solutions for all work at height applications.  Whether you need an off the plan quote for a new development or have an existing building that needs upgrading, Skypro can tailor a solution for you.

What we offer

Once we understand your height safety needs, goals and budget, we will go to work to design the most effective compliant system for your project. 

If you are looking for a height safety system installation in South East Queensland, contact us directly on 1300 786 583.  

Alternatively, if you require installations in other States or cities, please visit our partner page to find your nearest approved Skypro installer.

What we install

Common height safety and rope access systems combine roof safety anchor points, fall arrest static lines, fixed ladders, aluminium walkways, hatches and other hardware.  Featured below are just some of the products we can install for you.

Concrete Mount Anchor Points - 15kN


Concrete mount anchor point

Surface Mount Fall Arrest Anchor Points - 15kN

Surface Mount Rope Access Anchor Points - 15kN

Fixed Ladder Systems

Aluminium caged ladder height safety

Aluminium Walkways and Handrails

Aluminium roof walkway with handrails