Rope Access Rope Access Anchor Point - Tin Roofs

Rope Access

Rope Access Anchor Point - Tin Roofs

**Roof Anchor Points are to be installed by competent persons only**
You will require a Gesipa Rivet Tool available here in order to install this anchor.

The SKYPRO top mount rope access anchor point is the perfect non-invasive abseil anchor solution for most tin roof profiles including: Corrugated, Kliplok, Spandek and Trimdek.

Fabricated from marine grade stainless steel and rigorously tested to the AS/NZS 5532 standard, the anchor point exceeds the requirements for rope access and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Australian Made
  • Suitable for roofs supported by wooden trusses or steel purlins.
  • Features a 16mm eyelet. 
  • Rated to 15kN for rope access or falls arrest in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4 & AS/NZS 4488.
  • Anchor plates are individually serial numbered for easy compliance.
  • Includes install instructions and engineers certificate.
  • Oversized plate distributes the load over a large surface area, eliminating the potential for damage to the roof during sustained loads.
  • Rubber pad beneath the plate provides a buffer between the roof and the anchor point prevent reactions between metals and making it 100% water tight. 


  • Datasheet and Install Diagrams.
  • Engineers Certificate of Compliance to AS/NZS 5532.
  • All Necessary Fixings - 3 roofing screws and 9 7.8mm bulb rivets.

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Sale price: $166.45